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The new Hyundai HX210A L A-Series excavator features similar general specs to those found in the HX220L model, but with standard features and pricing designed to appeal to rental houses and dealers with high volumes of rental business.

Powered by a Cummins B4.5 Stage 5/Tier 4 Final diesel engine, the HX210A L delivers substantial performance gains from a smaller, lighter power package, while also complying with the international Stage 5 emissions control standard.  New features like automatic engine shutdown and eco gauge lifting mode can help improve productivity on hard to handle jobs.

All Hyundai excavators are known for fast cycle speeds, impressive hydraulic power and precision control. At Hyundai, reliable productivity is more than just a promise. The robust upper and lower frame structure can endure external shock and heavy workloads for many thousands of hours.

Hyundai HX210A L

  • ENGINE MODEL Cummins B4.5
    NET POWER 170 hp (127 kW) at 2.200 rpm
    OPERATING WEIGHT 22,890 kg (50,460 lbs)
    BUCKET RANGE 42" | 1.0 m3 (1.2 yd3)
    SWING SPEED 12 rpm
    TRAVEL SPEED (MPH) 5.5 km / hr (3.41mph) / 3.6 km / hr (2.23mph)
    MAX. DIGGING DEPTH (FT/IN) 6,640 mm (21 ft 9 in)
    MAX. DIGGING REACH 9,800 mm (32 ft 2 in)
    TAIL SWING RADIUS (FT/IN) 2,850 mm (9 ft 4 in)
    BUCKET BREAKOUT FORCE 15,500 [16,830] kgf ( 34,172 [37,100] lbf ) ISO
    ARM CROWD FORCE 10,900 [11,830] kgf ( 24,030 [26,090] lbf ) ISO
  • Robin Yarn

    Equipment Sales


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