Innovative hydraulic system technologies make the 9A series excavator fast, smooth and easy to control. 9A series is designed for maximum performance to keep the operator working productively. Operating a 9A series is unique to every operator. Operators can fully customize their work environment and operating preferences to fit their individual needs.



Hyundai construction equipment is precision designed with trusted and proven components and systems from leading OEM’s.  The R25Z-9AK is designed to be rugged and reliable for longer up time, reduced operating cost and  improved productivity.


Purchase, finance, and full-service leasing available.
Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly leasing-options available.

For pricing information on this equipment please contact our Hyundai Representative, Robin Yarn.


R25Z-9AK 2022

SKU: 1756 & 1757
  • Robyn Yarn

    Hyundai Representative