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Innovative hydraulic system technologies make the 9AK series excavator fast, smooth and easy to control. 9AK series is designed for maximum performance to keep the operator working productively. Operating a 9AK series is unique to every operator. Operators can fully customize their work environment and operating preferences to fit their individual needs.

Hyundai R30Z-9AK

  • ENGINE MODEL Kubota D1305
    NET POWER 23.2 HP (17.3 kW) at 2,350 rpm
    OPERATING WEIGHT 3,005 kg (6,625 Ibs)
    BUCKET RANGE 0.08 m3 (0.09 yd3)
    SWING SPEED 9.1 rpm
    TRAVEL SPEED (MPH) 4.4 km / 2.4 km (2.8 mph) / (1.5 mph)
    MAX. DIGGING DEPTH (FT/IN) 2,500 mm (8 ft 2 in)
    MAX. DIGGING REACH 4,650 mm (15 ft 3 in)
    TAIL SWING RADIUS (FT/IN) 875 mm (2 ft 10 in)
    BUCKET BREAKOUT FORCE (ISO) 2,050 / 4,520 lbf
  • Robin Yarn

    Equipment Sales


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